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KS3 English
Pupils will be introduced to a wide range of literature from many genres. They will read both full texts and shorter extracts and learn how to write about them confidently. They will also practice writing both imaginative and functional texts. Over the course of KS3 pupils will have the opportunity to study all of the following:

Year 7/8
Transactional writing

Our Day Out

Narrative Writing

Introduction to Poetry

War Horse

Much Ado About Nothing

Year 9 

Writing skills for GCSE

Roald Dahl Short Stories

Of Mice and Men

WW1 Poetry/Literature

Blood Brothers

Reading and responding to factual texts

KS4 English Language and English Literature
Students follow the AQA course. This is assessed via end of course examinations. At the end of year 10, if they are ready, pupils are offered the opportunity to sit the English Language exam early. Those pupils who are not ready to sit the GCSE will work towards the Entry Level Certificate. Pupils will study a wide range of texts, learning how we communicate ideas and information effectively through different writing styles, many of which they will encounter in the workplace. Examples of texts students may encounter during the course include:

Year 10
Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet (Literature)
A Christmas Carol (Literature)
Non-fiction writing styles
Narrative writing
Poetry Anthology – Analysis/comparison of first 9 poems (Literature)
Exam skills      

Year 11
Poetry – Final 9 poems from Anthology (Literature)
Factual texts – travel writing/biography/information texts         
Narrative reading/writing
Factual writing – writing styles/persuasive techniques
Exam technique
Revision of Literature Texts

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