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Film Studies

Film Studies GCSE


This course covers a wide range of film genres, from teen rebellion to James Bond. Students study six films from different eras and in different styles; they will approach each film from a different perspective. They will also produce their own film clip as coursework. 

Yr 10
Film Language
Skyfall (Aesthetics)
Song of the Sea (Narrative)
Juno (Film Criticism)
Wadjda (Representation)
Rear Window/Witness - Hollywood comparison

Yr 11
Hollywood comparison - Rear Window/Witness (continued)
Coursework project – including the production of a script, shooting script, storyboard, production of a short film, editing and evaluation.
Historical timeline – key developments in film production from 1880 to present day.

The students will have to complete 2 written exams and complete film analysis and other written projects.

Students will have the opportunity to join our ‘Media Club’ and take part in exciting projects around the school.

For more information please contact Mrs O'Meara.