"Working together to make everything better"

Global School Network

Welcome to Global School Network
Our children are the future generation that will grow up to be decision makers and arguably hold the key to changing the world. We want a more peaceful and prosperous world. GSN provides opportunities to work together and inspires our children to become active global citizens, who are informed about world issues and able to adapt to the changing world.
The work that we do with GSN contributes to achieving the International School Award and compliments the Global Learning Programme. 
Our links with Kenyan schools provide lots of opportunities for everyone involved.
 We are now into the third year of linking with two Kenyan schools. We have received and responded to letters from Kenyan students and have completed two reciprocal school projects; thus enhancing students’ awareness and understanding of differences between children living in the UK and of those living in Kenya.
The aims and objectives of GSN are very clear. They want to improve the lives, opportunities and experiences of all children involved in the network.
They seek to create networks of schools working together, communicating and learning from each other. We want children to have the best possible opportunities in life no matter where they live, what background they come from or what beliefs they have.
They want to support the development of Kenyan schools by focusing on infrastructure, building further opportunities for children and enhancing learning.
  • Connect children across continents through communication
  • Enable children to work together.
  • Learn from each other and make discoveries.
  • Develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development in schools.
  • Improve the infrastructure in schools including enhancing the schools prospects for growth.
  • Provide further opportunities for children and CPD for staff.
  • Distribute and organise work, letters and projects from the children.
  • Create opportunities for children to work and learn from each other.
  • Explore different cultural perspectives
  • Encourage children to be active global citizens by providing opportunities to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; reflecting on their lives and their place in the world.
  • Provide assistance to develop school infrastructure including ICT capabilities.
  • Support the development of social enterprise schemes to encourage development in communities, schools and employment post school age.