"Working together to make everything better"


Please see update letters below from Mr Arrowsmith (2 June 2020 and 15th June) and updated school risk assessment (Reopening school after lockdown)

Dear Parents and Carers,

This is a highly unusual and stressful time for us all, none more so than our children. We are well aware that many of our children genuinely struggle with the idea of working at home. We are also aware that this can be a potential source of conflict for parents and carers. However, we are equally aware that many of our children really benefit from routine and structure and they are very keen to keep up with their studies whilst not in school. 

With all of that in mind, within this section you will find information, resources and weblinks for you and your child to use as and when required. In addition to this, please remember that you can request specific work on specific topics or subject areas by emailing in to schooloffice@wirralhs.co.uk

My main message to you all is that the work provided here is optional for all students. We are experts at helping students fill gaps in their knowledge - it's what we do all the time here at JPC! I'm absolutely confident that when all of this is over, we can get your child back to where they should be and we will do everything in our powers to ensure that their long-term education does not suffer as a result of this forced closure. Therefore, please use this area as much or as little as your child needs for their emotional wellbeing. We will update it regularly and do our best to provide information and resources that stimulates and is enjoyable. 

We can't wait to have your children back in school and get back to doing what we do best - Working Together to Make Everything Better!

Phill Arrowsmith


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