"Working together to make everything better"



Please see the Welcome Back letter below from Mr Arrowsmith (1st September) and updated school risk assessment (Whole School Covid-19 Risk Assessment). There is also a very useful quick guide for parents here that explains the rules around when to keep your child off school,

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the new school year, where everything is different and yet oddly familiar!

It has been great to see our children back in school and we are all delighted to have them back and feel the buzz that we have missed so much since March. We are also extremely grateful to you all for your patience, understanding and support during the lockdown period. We are keeping the information from last term in this section at the moment, just in case any student wishes to complete extra work at home in order to catch up. We all hope to stay open for the whole year, but it makes sense to prepare for the worst. If there does come a time when we need to go back into a lockdown, then we will operate it differently this year. This time around, if classes, year groups, or the whole school are asked to isolate, work will be set by teachers and emailed out to the students in their class using the school email addresses. It will be even more important this year for students to keep up with their work whilst at home, so we will be doing everything we can to support you in the event of us moving to online learning. In the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed, stick to the extra hygiene and social distancing measures, and hope that we can stay open for everyone so we can keep doing what we do best...Working Together to Make Everything Better!

Phill Arrowsmith



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