"Working together to make everything better"

After JPC - Moving On

Transition (moving on) takes place in many forms throughout life. We recognise that this can be difficult for some students. In school this can be from lesson to lesson, class to class, year group to year group, holiday to school and from school to school or college/employment. For some students the transition from home to school can be very difficult.

At Wirral Hospitals’ School, we realise that families have already had to make many different transitions already, services, homes, family make-up, employment etc. Our aim is to help minimise the stress this can have by utilising:

  • Our House Team 
  • Family support led by Mrs McArdle
  • Our SEND team, led by Mrs Owen-Petkova, SENCO
  • The adoption and use of Person-Centred Planning.

When students in Year 7, 8 and 9 are accepted through panel, it is imperative that we regularly raise the issues and possibility of re-integration and transition - to their own or another school setting - from the outset.

Whilst difficult for parents and students to contemplate after so many previous years of unhappy and fractured education, and on experiencing so much immediate happiness, safety and achievement at Joseph Paxton, we have to explore, positively, the possibilities of partial or full reintegration.

Whilst the same conversations may take place with some Year 10 students early in Year 10, we recognise how much more difficult it might be to achieve transition to a mainstream school at this point - from both an emotional level and a practical one - and have to recognise the significance of failure in a different place at such a late point of their school life. For Year 10 and 11's then, our focus is on successful transition to post-16 provision; college/sixth form or work-based training.

There is no post-16 provision at Wirral Hospitals' School - all students must leave at the end of Year 11 - but we have excellent links and relationships with many local providers and we have bought into a high quality and enhanced CEIAG contract, (Careers Education Information and Guidance) with an independent advisor, who works closely with the students to help identify the best course and provision to move on to.

We believe with good consultation and planning, the transition process can build resilience and develop the independence skills necessary for life.