"Working together to make everything better"


"It doesn't matter if I get a certificate or not, I just like to come in everyday, it's just what i do". (Year 10 student - previous non attender).

For many of our students, the provision at Joseph Paxton Campus offers a much needed second chance to engage in education.

It is our policy that students should attend for as much time as possible within the constraints of their condition and current health circumstances.  DfE legislation has highlighted the need for all students to have access to 25 hours education per week, if well enough to access it. At JPC, all of our students have access to a full timetable, including enrichment opportunities. Where a student is medically unable to sustain this, we work closely with health professionals to agree a sustainable level of access. These are frequently reviewed and time in school is increased as soon as possible.

All students are accepted on a trial and review basis and on a dual - roll status, with the students referring school remaining as the 'main school' and Joseph Paxton being the subsidiary service provider.

Places at Joseph Paxton Campus are very limited, very expensive and in high demand.

Placements at Joseph Paxton Campus may be ended by the Headteacher of Wirral Hospitals' School if the student: 

  • Fails to attend satisfactorily / use the placement to full benefit, or
  • Behaves in a way that causes negative impact on other vulnerable young people or could cause a health and safety risk, deterioration in anothers health / mental health, or
  • Fails to co-operate in or engage in, the therapeutic and educational opportunities available.

Advice, support, intervention and review meetings with the referring school, young person and parent / carers will have been put into place to try and resolve difficulties before a final decision is made by the Headteacher. Following these, the Headteacher's decision is final.

There is no appeal process - the young person's resource placement ends and they return to the care and control of their referring school.

"I am happy because my attendance is better than my last school". (Year 7 student).