"Working together to make everything better"


Many of our students have suffered from bullying in their previous schools. We strive to ensure that any form of bullying is dealt with swiftly and effectively. We work hard to create an environment where bullying will not be tolerated and all forms of bullying are addressed by the Senior Leadership Team. Through the curriculum, all students are educated about all forms of bullying and the negative effects it has on people’s lives. Staff, students and peer mentors are trained in how to respond to any bullying-related issues, both in and out of school. Parents are also very supportive of the ‘Anti Bullying’ ethos of the school.

Our students have been involved in creating a Pupil-Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy. Their motto is: “We believe that there is no place in our school for bullies”.

Staff are regularly trained in cyber bullying and e-safety initiatives.

Many of our young people struggle with social and communication difficulties, which impacts on their ability to make and maintain friendships. At our school, we put great time, effort and emphasis into addressing these issues and defining the difference between bullying and unsuccessful social interaction amongst peers.

The school leaders for Anti Bullying Initiatives are Jackie McArdle, Safeguarding Lead & Family Support and Helen O’Loughlin, Curriculum Lead PSHEE.