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History is an Option subject, studied in Years 10 and 11. Students follow the AQA GCSE History course, which is externally assessed at the end of Year 11. Students will sit two 2 hour exam papers, each of which is worth 50% of the final grade.

GCSE History equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to take their place in the world as informed and questioning young adults. Students become skilled at analysing historical sources, evaluating interpretations of the past and building strong, well-substantiated arguments.

Exam papers are based on the four topics studied, as described below:

 Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World

  • Section A: Period study: Germany, 1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship
  • Section B: Wider world depth study: Conflict and Tension 1918-1939

 Paper 2: Shaping the Nation

  • Section A: Thematic study: Britain: Health and the People, c.1000-present day
  • Section B: British depth study including the historic environment: Elizabethan England, 1568-1603

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