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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Information and Objectives

The information below shows the impact of Wirral Hospitals’ Schools’ commitment to equality of opportunity for all students. There is clear evidence, both in terms of raw data and from feedback given by a variety of outside agencies, that Wirral Hospitals’ School values all students and helps all students to achieve, regardless of their background, beliefs and barriers to learning.

We are extremely proud of the achievement of all our students and equally proud of the progress they make in their relations with others. Students enter Wirral Hospitals’ School with significant barriers, both academically and socially. They leave us as well-rounded members of society, ready to continue their learning and better prepared for life in a diverse society.

Evidence of impact of our Equality and Diversity policy:

Our Ofsted inspection of 2014 identified spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as a strength of the school and one that prepares students very well for adult life in the wider world. Equality of opportunity is promoted exceptionally well.

The Ethnic Minority Consultant from Wirral Council has supported the development of SMSC at JPC and said ‘At Wirral Hospitals’ School, SMSC is at the heart of their education’. The school actively promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC). This is shown in our SMSC audit and action plan. The audit has been used by Wirral’s Ethnic Minority Consultant as an example of best practice when working with other schools. The action plan has a wide cross section of visitors and speakers and exciting events that covers the four areas of SMSC. The school provides rich experiences to support pupils’ development and the monitoring of this is clear. There is a clear plan of ways to develop all subject areas and year groups.

  • Pupils are encouraged to understand and celebrate their own, and others, individuality through PSHEE lessons and the delivery of ‘Second Step’; Brook ‘All Different and All Beautiful’ (Level 2 accredited); Travel Trainers; multi-agency support and individual programmes ( e.g. Heartmath). All students received lessons in mental health awareness and stigma and discrimination awareness. 
  • The LA Review of Alternative Provisions (May 2014) stated that at WHS ‘Particular emphasis is placed on preparation for further education or employment’. As a consequence, in 2014 100% of our Year 11 students had a destination and went on to education, employment or training, compared to 81.2% nationally in 2013.
  • Student safety and wellbeing are a high priority at this school; this was recognised by the assessor for UNICEF's Rights Respecting School Award who said ‘At the heart of the culture and ethos at WHS is the aim of improving wellbeing and helping every child to reach their full potential’.

The proportion of pupils making and exceeding expected attainment in English and Mathematics is exceeding national figures for Hospital Schools and Alternative Provisions. Students’ make this exceptional progress despite their significant mental health issues.

  • The proportion of students gaining 5 A*-C exceeds (11 times greater) national figures for Hospital Schools and Alternative Provisions.
  • The proportion of students gaining 5A*-C (E+M) exceeds (13 times greater) national figures for Hospital Schools and Alternative Provisions.
  • Learning of our different groups of students is outstanding, including those with SEN.
  • The attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils exceeds that of disadvantaged pupils across Wirral.

The majority of Pupil Premium Grant recipients make good to outstanding progress and are narrowing the gap between actual and expected attainment, supported by a range of attendance, personal and academic support strategies. 75% of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium are narrowing or have eliminated the attainment gap in English. 59% of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium are narrowing or have eliminated the attainment gap in Mathematics (Summer monitoring 2014 and GCSE examination results 2014). 90% of PP students gained A*-G in Maths (Wirral FSM 57% gained GCSE Maths A*-G). 30% of PP students gained A*-C Maths. 90% of PP students gained A*-G in English (Wirral FSM 52% gained GCSE English A*-G). 40% of PP students gained A*-C English.

Historically as students are dual rolled in Years 7-10 we have not received their pupil premium. In the summer term 2014 we requested that mainstream schools forwarded Pupil Premium for eligible pupils. We have now received it for all eligible students for the first time. As this is so recent, it is difficult to demonstrate the impact of funding on students in Years 7-10. As pupils in Year 11 are single roll at WHS we received their Pupil Premium throughout their final year with us. This has been used to narrow the gap between those achieving at or above expectations and those students eligible for PPG if they are not making expected progress. However, funding has only been available to our students in their final year of education at WHS. This limits the impact which can be achieved when compared to pupils who may receive five years of additional support and intervention in other schools.

Identified pupils receive individualised numeracy intervention. The vast majority have improved their basic mathematical skills and there has been noticeable improvement in their confidence (Numeracy Intervention Report September 2014). This supports our ‘close the gap’ drive for all students who have fallen behind including those eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.

At JPC our building has been fully adapted to ensure equality of access for all. This includes the installation of a lift and ramped entrances at both the front and rear of the building. All doorways are wide enough to allow wheelchair access.

All trips are assessed for equality of opportunity and steps are taken to ensure equal access for all students. This includes enrichment activities, timetabled events and extra-curricular trips. Students with disabilities and/or medical issues are catered for on these activities due to careful planning and, where necessary, adaptation of the activity. Where an essential trip cannot be accessed due to a student’s medical needs, suitable alternatives are sought and offered.

Individualised programmes of study are offered to all students, but especially to looked-after children. These programmes are arranged during PEP meetings and, where necessary, additional funding is used to support these individualised programmes through, for example, access to extra trips, laptops, adult support etc.

Equality Objectives 2019/20

1) To gain re-accreditation of the Careers Connect Quality Assurance Award  

2) To develop staff knowledge and understanding of ADHD/ADD and incorporate effective supportive strategies into teaching and learning, and work with students across the whole school.

Equality Objectives 2018/19

1) To gain the Stonewall Bronze Award to recognise JPC's LGBT+ inclusivity through:

  • staff training to counteract trans/homophobic bullying
  • lessons for students in understanding gender stereotypes and what it means to be transgender
  • signposting students for support and access to LGBT fiction

2) To provide assistive technology (Text Help) for students who have difficulties accessing information through text.