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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Information and Objectives

The information below shows the impact of Wirral Hospitals’ Schools’ commitment to equality of opportunity for all students. There is clear evidence, both in terms of raw data and from feedback given by a variety of outside agencies, that Wirral Hospitals’ School values all students and helps all students to achieve, regardless of their background, beliefs and barriers to learning.

We are extremely proud of the achievement of all our students and equally proud of the progress they make in their relations with others. Students enter Wirral Hospitals’ School with significant barriers, both academically and socially. They leave us as well-rounded members of society, ready to continue their learning and better prepared for life in a diverse society.


Equality objectives at JPC

We seek to promote equality and celebrate the diversity within our community. We welcome the public sector equality duty as set out in the Equality Act (2010).

What is the duty?

We must:

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Advance equality of opportunity between different groups
  • Foster good relations between different groups

What are the protected characteristics?

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to ensure protection on the grounds of specific characteristics (referred to as protected characteristics). For schools, this means that it is unlawful to discriminate against students or treat them less favourably because of their sex; race; disability; religion or belief; gender reassignment; sexual orientation; pregnancy or maternity.

JPC’s most recent Equality objectives:

Equality Objectives 2019/20

1) To gain re-accreditation of the Careers Connect Quality Assurance Award

2) To develop staff knowledge and understanding of ADHD/ADD and incorporate effective supportive strategies into teaching and learning, and work with students across the whole school.

Equality Objectives 2021/22

1) In our commitment to understand neurodiversity and mental health, we will continue to develop the JPC teaching toolkit to promote beyond outstanding teaching and learning.

2) To continue to develop social thinking in an effort to maximise the support we offer to our students in developing their social communication skills in order to be able to successfully integrate into the wider community.