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Art, Craft & Design

KS3 Art, Craft and Design

Students have two art lessons a week at KS3, covering the full range of art subjects as described below. The emphasis at KS3 is to bring out students' enjoyment of art, whilst exploring a wide range of skills and techniques.


KS4 Art, Craft and Design

Art, Craft and Design is an Option subject, studied in Years 10 and 11. Students follow the AQA Art and Design: Art, Craft and Design GCSE Course, which is assessed by two components. Component 1 is an internally-assessed portfolio, worth 60% of the final grade. Component 2 is an externally-assessed assignment, worth 40%.

For both components, students choose to work in one or more of the areas of art listed below:

  • Fine art: for example drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, lens-/light-based media, photography and the moving image, printmaking, mixed media and land art.
  • Graphic communication: for example communication graphics, design for print, advertising and branding, illustration, package design, typography, interactive design, (including web, app and game), multi-media, motion graphics, signage and exhibition graphics.
  • Textile design: for example art textiles, fashion design and illustration, costume design, constructed textiles, printed and dyed textiles, surface pattern, stitched and/or embellished textiles, soft furnishings and/or textiles for interiors, digital textiles and installed textiles.
  • Three-dimensional design: for example architectural design, sculpture, ceramics, product design, jewellery and body adornment, interior design, environmental/landscape/garden design, exhibition design, three-dimensional digital design and designs for theatre, film and television.
  • Photography: for example portraiture, location photography, studio photography, experimental imagery, installation, documentary photography, photo-journalism, moving image: film, video and animation, fashion photography.


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