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Dress Code - Students

There is no formal uniform for students at JPC.

Many of our students have struggled at previous schools with self-image and identity, leading to issues around the wearing of uniform.

We want our students to feel as relaxed as possible in their environment and for that reason allow students, within the guidelines below, to wear clothes of their choice.

Students should not wear clothes that may cause offence to staff, students and visitors of the school. 

The following are amongst those NOT PERMITTED:

  • Strappy or Strapless Tops
  • Crop tops and tops revealing stomach / back / breasts or chests
  • 'Short' Shorts, e.g. hotpants 
  • Offensive Logos, Pictures or Text on clothing 
  • Homophobic, racist, sexist, sexual, discriminatory or otherwise challenging logos, picture, texts,  or designs.

The Headteacher's decision on each individual case, as to what is and what is not appropriate, is final. Where deemed inappropriate, parent/carers will be informed and students will be sent home to change, or parents asked to bring a change of clothing, depending on age and usual travel arrangements.

For Health and Safety reasons, sensible shoes should be worn. High heels and open-toed shoes or sandals are not permitted.

For PE, students may wear their own clothes and students are not required to change. However, flat shoes, that fit securely, must be worn for PE lessons.