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Key Stage 3 Maths
Throughout KS3, students will develop their mathematical skills in preparation for the GCSE in either Year 10 or Year 11.

Students have four lessons per week and cover a range of topics from Number & Ratio, Algebra, Geometry & Measure and Probability & Statistics.

In addition, they look at ‘Real life’ maths through functional skills and problem solving.

Examples of topics, in each of the areas, is given below. 

YEAR 7 & 8
NUMBER: Reading and writing numbers, the Four Operations, Fractions, Money
ALGEBRA: The language of algebra, Coordinates, Writing in algebra, Simplifying Algebra,
GEOMETRY and MEASURE: 2D and 3D shapes, Time, Angles, Perimeter
STATISTICS: Types of data, Collecting data, Presenting data

NUMBER: BIDMAS, Percentages, Fractions, Ratio
ALGEBRA: Sequences, Substitution, Equations
GEOMETRY and MEASURE: Transformations, Area, Constructions, Bearings
STATISTICS: Averages, Probability

Year 9 students, who have missed any Year 8 topics are given the opportunity to recap these.

Key Stage 4 Maths
At KS4, students follow the AQA Mathematics specification (8300).
They cover a range of topics from Number, Ratio, Algebra, Geometry & Measure, and Probability & Statistics.

All students work towards the GCSE at Foundation level.
However, some students may be offered early entry at Foundation Level GCSE in Year 10. If successful, they will study Higher Level material in the following year, with a further Higher Level GCSE entry.

A further option, on offer in Year 11, is Entry Level Certificate.

For further information, please contact Mr Little (Head of Faculty) or your child’s Maths teacher.