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In Music at KS3, the students develop their skills in the key areas of Listening Performing and Composing.  

The Music Curriculum covers a wide variety of topics where they will learn about the context and musical history. 

The students will use a wide range of instruments, including keyboards, drums, ukuleles and more, to develop their music reading and performance playing. There are lots of opportunities to perform in a group as well as solo performance. 

The students will be introduced to Music Technology through the use of the keyboards and Music Software.  

Topics covered in KS3: 
Year 7/8 
Hooks and Riffs 
Popular Music and instruments 
Keyboard Skills 
Ternary Form 
Samba Band 
The Musical 

Year 9
Indian Music 
Twentieth Century Music 
Keyboard and Instrument Skills 
Film Music 
The Blues 
Music Technology- Garageband 
Music and the Media 
Music Elements and Notation 

Music at KS4
At KS4, the students are working towards the AQA Music GCSE. 

This is a creative subject allowing the students to explore Performing, Composing and Listening. They will develop and extend their skills in these 3 areas. 

The students will learn about Music History and learn how to listen and analyse music.

GCSE Syllabus: 
The students will perform two pieces: a solo and an ensemble performance 30% 

They will compose two pieces of music 30% 

They will sit a listening exam paper 40% 

KS4 Topics
Performance: Solo instrument & ensemble performance – developing skills  
Composing: Melody, Riffs, Ground Bass, Popular Song 
Listening: The elements of music, Popular Music, Traditional Music, World Music

Y11 Performance: Recordings of solo instrument & ensemble performance  
Composition: To a brief & free composition 

Listening: Traditional Music, Set works - Santana, Western classical tradition 1650 – 1910 & since 1910, 

For further information, please contact Ms Marrion or Ms Roberts