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Animal Care

Year 10

In 2019, Year 10 students are starting the new specification BTEC Level 1/2 Animal Care Certificate. This new course includes 4 units with one assessed by an externally set 1 hour examination followed by 3 separate coursework units.

These cover Animal Health (Unit 1),

Animal Handling (Unit 2)

Animal Welfare (Unit 3)

Animal Housing and accommodation (Unit 4).

Theory work consists of a mixture of taught lessons and independent research along with practical experience cleaning out, approaching, handling and grooming various different animals.

Year 11

The current Year 11 students follow the Pearson Level 2 Animal Care BTEC Course. This course is internally assessed and externally moderated. The core units cover Animal Accommodation and Bedding and Animal Behaviour. As well as producing a portfolio of evidence students need to participate in farm visits which involve cleaning out and handling a variety of animals.


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