"Working together to make everything better"

Joseph Paxton Campus (JPC)

An acrostic poem about Joseph Paxton written by Year 11 student, A-L W.

Just a little acrostic poem about
Our wonderful school
Supportive, safe and secure
Enveloping us in its arms
Positivity flows from teachers and the
Headteacher - the Captain steering his ship

Plotting the course forward
Always steady - leading us on to success
X marks the spot, a
Treasure Island where my hopes are realised
Over the rocky seas of anxiety
Now we are safe - a little place of calm.

"Without question, the school has helped significantly" (Parent quote)

Joseph Paxton Campus is a small school setting for those unable to attend mainstream school. The nominal roll caters for 80 students at KS3 and KS4. All students have medical needs which often involve aspects of mental health, e.g. anxiety, depression, self-harming, eating disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and personality disorders. All students attending JPC are doing so as a result of their medical condition only and following a referral from specialist medical professionals. Provision at JPC is available for young people up to full time education, although the "offer" is directly tailored to the health and well being of the young person, in consultation with health and other professionals.

The curriculum broadly reflects the National Curriculum at KS3 and KS4, allowing opportunities for student transition back into mainstream schools and further education. Again though, the curriculum and the choices of accreditation are adapted to the specific needs of each pupil. 

Students are referred by schools on the advice/instruction of CAMHS and Community Paediatricians, often following an informal preliminary discussion with the Headteacher. For details of the admissions panel please see the Admissions section in the menu to the left.

The vast majority of our pupils regain belief in their ability to learn and a renewed enthusiasm for learning within weeks of starting at JPC. Anxiety levels reduce greatly and students' attendance at school and in lessons improves greatly, as does the progress in their learning.

As a result of feeling successful at school and beginning to socialise with peers, the vast majority of students' self-esteem begins to improve. They become able to access lessons, answer questions, join in PE and group activities, make friends, enjoy enrichment activities and participate in school trips. 

"I love the feeling that I get when I walk into JPC and that I am learning so much more. Most of all I am a much happier person and more confident in myself". (Year 10 student).

A self-generated statement from a Year 11 student, about their time at JPC:

"In my previous mainstream school, things were completely different to how they are here at Joseph Paxton Campus. My experience in a mainstream school wasn’t what you would call great, because I always felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders, due to intense pressure from both students and teachers.

In my experience, I’ve found that mainstream schools can only give you so much guidance and assistance throughout your time being there with them. It’s like they push you 50% of the way, and leave the rest for you to do on your own.

However, in this school, they provide you with a learning environment that is comfortable for YOU and will help you with any problems you are having. You are able to focus in class, and complete work at your own pace, without being rushed. 

After being here since Year 9, I am leaving this school with a better mind-set than I’ve ever had before.

I am looking forward to my future years in college, and I owe a lot of gratitude to all of the members of staff, here at Joseph Paxton Campus".