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National Exams

What is the Examination Policy?
The purpose of the examination policy is:

  • to ensure the planning and management of exams is conducted efficiently and in the best interests of candidates
  • to ensure the operation of an efficient exam system with clear guidelines for all relevant staff

It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the school’s exam processes to read, understand and implement this policy.

To see the full examinations policy, please go the Policies menu at the top of this page and select School Policies and open the Examinations Policy.

When will exams take place?
The 2023-24 mock examinations for year 11 students are scheduled to take place in December. As in all 'normal' exam years, these will be held formally, with the use of invigilators, to best prepare our students for the final exams

Summer exams 2024 run from Tuesday 7th May until Wednesday 19th June.

What exam support can I expect?
Making special arrangements for candidates to take exams is the responsibility of the assistant SENCO in liaison with the Exams Officer. Details of how this is planned and managed is outlined in Section 6 of the Examinations Policy.

Students are issued with a statement of entry in the spring term of Year 11. This informs them of the examinations that they have been entered for.

During the Spring term students will receive revision and exam technique sessions to help them prepare for the summer exams. 

If any additional support is required at any point please contact your child's house team in the first instance.

Useful Revision Links

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After all the hard work ... you are now ready to take your exams! It can be a very stressful time so we hope the information here has helped you to do your very best!