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Performing Arts


KS3 Performing Arts 

At the heart of our Performing Arts curriculum at JPC is the principle that lessons should be fun, challenging and allow students time to ‘play’. The three-year plan allows for the development of key drama skills and knowledge and, particularly in year 9, helps to prepare students for Performing Arts at KS4, should they choose it as an option. 


KS4 Performing Arts Vocational Award Level 1/2 

Students follow the Eduqas Performing Arts course which is made up of 3 Units; Unit 1 Performance, Unit 2 Creating and Unit 3 The Arts in Practise. 

The students develop skills in their chosen Arts discipline either Drama or Music through the Performance and Creating Unit.  

They will also develop their skills in research, evaluation, marketing, organisation when doing their coursework tasks. 


For a more detailed overview of our Performing Arts curriculum please click on the relevant link below, and for further information please contact Ms Marrion.

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