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Food Technology

Xenon and Year 9

Have a go at cooking some recipes. Some of them are very simple and do not require special equipment so you could definitely have a go at home. The Food a Fact of Life website is a great place to start as it links in the skills you need too. 

Complete some supermarket research online - Use the internet to find the cheapest price, and the most expensive price, for the following commonly used ingredients. They can be branded or unbranded:


    2.Double cream

    3.White bread


    5.Small bar of chocolate

    6.Quorn mince

    7.Pack of beef burgers (fresh or frozen)

    8.Tomato soup

    9.Tin Mushy peas

    10.Ready salted crisps

Now, do some Maths, how much money could you save if you bought the cheapest ingredients? If you made these basic swaps to your weekly shop how much money might you save in 1 year? 10 years? 

Remember you can send any work you do into schooloffice@wirralhs.co.uk or if you are using your school email address then you can send your work back directly to Mr Balfour.