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General Advice

The Government have worked closely with teachers throughout the country, and with the BBC, to support home learning during the current lockdown and beyond. 
On our individual subject pages you will find specific links to individual topics that we would be studying in school at the moment. However, if you would like more work to do, or need a change from the work we have set, please use the links below and follow the instructions. You can search for specific subjects or just take part in some of the daily lessons - all learning is good learning so don't worry if it's different from the work you've been doing in school lately!
Just to be clear - there is no expectation that every student will complete every lesson each day. However, we recognise the importance of structure for many of our students (and staff!), and the work on these websites will help in providing that structure to those who need it.

Please use the pages below to find lots of useful information and guidance specifically related to the Coronavirus pandemic.