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To consolidate the learning we have done in class:

Y10 Health and the People (c1000- present day) Recap:

1. Watch the series Pus, Pain and Poison: The Search for Modern Medicine. It is brilliant and is currently being shown on BBC4. The first two episodes (episode 1- Pain; episode 2- Pus) have already been shown and so are already on BBC iPlayer. The third (episode 3- Poison) is being shown on Friday 15th May and so will be on BBC iPlayer from then.

2. Use the document ‘Key People’ to create revision flashcards for each individual. You don’t need card - just use paper. Include the following sections: What did they do? Why were they significant? (Think short term/ Long term Impact) If you have access to the internet and a printer, you could print off a picture for each one.

To have a go at a new topic:

Explore key features of the reign of Elizabeth I.

Use the following link to BBC Bitesize

Aim to work through each section to get a sense of what life was like:

The Elizabethans overview
Early Rule
Religious Settlement
Challenges to Elizabeth’s rule
Life in Elizabethan England

If you are feeling inspired, you could put together a glossary of key terms (the ones highlighted in bold) e.g. sovereign, Privy Council, Parliament, etc. Try to learn their meanings and get somebody to quiz you.
You could also watch any episodes/ clips you can find online from the programme ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England’.

To challenge yourself even further:

Choose one of your key individuals and use your flashcard to write an answer to the following question:
How significant was …. to the development of medicine? (8 marks)
Try to write a short paragraph about their significance at the time they were working and a short paragraph about their significance over time.

Send any work you do into schooloffice@wirralhs.co.uk or if you are using your school email address then you can send your work back directly to Ms Cooney.

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