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Year 10

Bandlab Music Software

Look at Bandlab online Music software.

Press create to try out composing your own music.


See the composition task at the bottom of the page for ideas.

Any questions email me.

Musical Style Booklet

Try to fill in the musical style booklet, which is at the bottom of the page. Try to fill in one style per week, you might know the answers or research them online.

Read through the information on Metre, Tempo and Rhythm and do the test at the end.


Composing your own music

Look for some ideas for your own music.

Are you inspired by a style of music? 

Or inspired by a story that the music can fit with.

Begin by using notes or chords to create a musical pattern.

Or sing a tune and record it on your phone.

All of your musical ideas are important so save them.

Look at these pages to help you get some ideas.


Fusion Music

Look at this page on Fusion music. Read though it and listen to the examples.


What styles of music do you like? Can you fuse them together?

Can you create a beat on a piece of furniture or an instrument and record it on your phone and then play along with it. Try to add more music to your recorded beat.

What types of fusion music do you like?

Do the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Music Listening

Choose a piece of music to listen to and answer the following questions:

Describe the dynamics (volume) of the music. Does it stay the same throughout the music?

What timbres and instruments do you hear in the music?

What is the tempo of the music?

What is the style of the music?

Answer the same questions for a different style piece of music.


Soundation – a free online music composition tool. Free to create loops and record sounds. If there are any issues with signing up please email Ms Roberts.

Learning an instrument - use YouTube tutorials for keyboard and guitar - make a diary of what pieces you are learning and email me an update.

Record yourself playing the pieces, if you can. Remember you can send any work you do into schooloffice@wirralhs.co.uk or if you are using your school email address then you can send your work back directly to Ms Roberts or Ms Marrion.


Files to Download