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Year 10

For GCSE courses

With all of the work set below, email schooloffice@wirralhs.co.uk if you want some help from your teacher or even to let us know that you’ve done it. If you're using your school email account you can email any completed work straight back to your teacher. 

Chemistry - Combined Science and Separate Science

Continue to revise topics that we have already done in lessons using the BBC Bitesize website to access tutorials, video clips and mini tests for all topics we cover in KS4 Chemistry

Learn about chemical changes - 'Chemical Changes - Reactions of Metals'.


Lesson on Electrolysis, a great recap on this complex subject:


The next topics we will be covering are:

The rate and extent of chemical change and revisible reactions


Organic Chemistry


We will endeavour to  cover these topics again when we get back, but any prior learning will obviously boost understanding and really help upon return.

Physics - Combined Science

Work through the BBC Bitesize pages on molecules and matter and then have a go at the questions on the document called "Particle Model Questions".


Physics - Separate Science

Work through the BBC bitesize pages on atomic structure and then have a go at the questions on the document called "Atomic Structure Questions".


Biology - Combined Science and Separate Science

Use the link below to learn about Non-communicable diseases. 


Download the PDF called "Coronary Heart Disease Information" and make yourself a revision poster or notes on the 5 key areas. Then open the sheet "Treatment for Heart Disease" and either print and fill in or make yourself a table on paper and fill it in. 

When you've worked your way through this then have a go at the questions below called "Non-communicable diseases"

BTEC Science

The next assignment we will be covering is:

Electricity, you can use the link below to access notes for the topic and then you can have a go at the assignment on the Power Point available here.



Files to Download